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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Preorder
Most action figures displayed on this website are considered limited edition figures and very valueble. The manufacturers will usually release the preview pictures of the product and collect orders before they started making it.  If you are interested to buy any one of these figures, good for you, because you can now preorder the item and be rest assured that your order will be secured. 
The Preorder Price stated is tentatively the best price offered by the manufacturers but in the event there is price difference, currency exchange or mark-up  from the manufacturers/distributors, we reserve the right to amend the preorder price accordingly. If the price difference is too high and we shall always offer the customer the option to cancel the preorder.
How to Preorder
You can preorder with us via different ways. The easiest way is to create an account on this website and preorder online. You can also come to any of our retail shops and pay for the preorder deposit. Or you can give us a call or email us for preordering. Please note that you need to bank in a deposit for the item to complete the preorder process. The deposit will be different as price varies amongst products. The minimum deposit will be usually around 10-15% per product and the amount will be displayed on the product page. Full payment on preorder products is also welcomed.
Please Note: In the event that some items are non-delivery from manufacturers, limited supplies or stocks shortage (cut stock) from the supplier/manufacturer, we reserve the right to cancel the preorders based on first come first serve basis. You can change to other items or get a full deposit refund in this case.
How to Place a Deposit for Preorder Items
  1. Bank In Transfers:- You can bank in the deposit required by banking into our local bank accounts. Banking details is provided at the checkout page. The amount required for deposit is stated at the product's detail page.
  2. Walk in:- Come visit our retail shops and pay the deposit with cash or credit card. We would love to meet you. :)
  3. Credit Card Payment - You can use your credit card to pay full payment for all preorder items by using the Paypal option but as for now, there is no option to pay for the minimum deposit yet. If you still want to pay for deposit using credit card, contact us, and we will send you a secured paypal link.
For preorder items, once you have paid the deposit required, we will notify you via email or sms for confirmation of the preorder process. Upon stock arrival, we will notify you once again to come pick up at our stores or you can opt in for our shipping service. Items listed as In Stock status will be shipped out once the payment is made. We will send out the item within two working days time.
When Will My Stuff Arrive
Many customers complain about waiting too long for their stuff. Yes, we understand this also but please be patient and wait for it. Most preordered items take at least 3-6 months time to arrive. There will also be an estimated release date listed on the product page. We will notify you once the item is here via email or sms so no need to get worried.
Can I Refund the Deposit?
Sorry. All deposits made are non-refundable.
Return Policy
We have been in this business for as long as 9 years+. We do not sell/distribute damaged goods to our customers. All items sent will be inspected by hand to ensure there will be no damage or defects on the item itself. However, we do not open up and check for small parts inside the item before we send them as some of them are meant to be keep in mint condition for its value. As of this, we encourage customers to check the item upon collecting in our stores to ensure they are happy with the condition of the product. Please bear in mind there will be no perfection on these figures and most of them are sold as is.
How Long Do I Have to Collect Upon Stock Arrival
Customers are required to collect their items within two weeks time once the preorder is in stock. After which we have the rights to cancel the pre-order and extend to others in the waiting list. Please kindly take note that the deposit will be forfeited in the event the customer fails to collect the preorder within a grace period of one month after the stocks arrive.
International Orders
Yes. We welcome all international orders.